Open Houses 101: How to Market

Open Houses are a great marketing tool for real estate agents to get exposure on their listings, and ultimately for home sellers to get their listed homes sold! For agents, it’s the perfect time for neighbors to help you sell your listing by word of mouth because neighbors love living near their best friends, and not to mention, it really shows your clients you mean business!  Impress everyone with your successful open house, using the opportunity to showcase your business and your brand to current clients and potential clients who might stop in. It’s all about setting yourself apart from the others.

You know it’s true, this shouldn’t be new news! So why are your open houses tanking it? Great question!

Jason Jakus shows us how to successfully move from a handful of people attending your open houses to pulling in 15-40 people to your one open house! He emphasizes the importance of having a system, which initially may seem time consuming, but proves worth it with proper set-up and implementation.



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Does this TV Commercial Bring Back Childhood Memories for YOU as Well?

Nothing like the smell of a freshly opened box of Fruit Loops and the sound of Super Mario Brothers theme music playing in the background to stir up some great memories!

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[VIDEO] Home Buying Process Step 4: Making the Offer

Presenting an offer on a home can be both exciting and nerve-wrecking. Your NextHome Discovery Realtor® will work closely with you every step of the way – reviewing comparable properties, home features and possible upgrades, location and other factors to help you determine an appropriate offer price. Do not hesitate to ask your Realtor® any questions or clarifications throughout this part (or any part for that matter!) of the home buying process. We are here to help you find your NextHome in Tampa Bay!






[VIDEO] Home Buying Process Step 3: The Search

Once you have your financing lined up and know your budget, it’s time to start searching for your new home in Tampa Bay! This is also a great time to visit open houses and get an idea of what’s on the market. Be sure to let your NextHome Discovery Realtor® know about which open houses you’d like to visit so they can accompany you and ensure you avoid some of the mistakes this couple makes!

[VIDEO] Home Buying Process Step 2: Mortgage 101 (Unless You Have a Boatload of Cash Under Your Mattress)

Don’t have a boatload of cash stashed away under your mattress? Purchasing a home can be one of the largest financial investments you make – you’ll want to make sure you have good financing lined up by getting pre-approved with a reputable lender before looking at homes. Nothing like the feeling of falling in love with a home only to find out afterwards it is outside of your budget. Elizabeth Bank’s has some humorous tips for you before you get started: