What is an NHD Empower Tour?

Every quarter we take our NextHome Discovery members on a tour of a local non-profit organization throughout Tampa Bay.

We call these our NHD Empower Tours. We open up these tours to all local Realtors and affiliates, as well as friends and family members, as we ALL benefit by being aware of the needs and resources in our local community. The goal is to help us become aware of ways to get involved and EMPOWER others to do the same!


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As the President and Broker of NextHome Discovery, Anand Patel strives for every member of his team to discover ways to get involved in the local community. His dream has always been to empower his team to reach out and give back to the best of their ability. He’s discovered over the years that every agent fights for a different cause. The NHD Empower Tours have successfully given agents relevant information about local non-profit organizations in Tampa and their direct involvement in their cause – including a “tour” of the facility and information on different levels of commitment one can participate in to give back.


Thus far it’s been a fantastic tool for our agents, not just to help on a personal level of involvement, but to be a resource of information for people new to the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas looking for avenues to get involved in giving back. These tours also help our team identify resources for those seeking help.


As professionals in the community, Anand believes it is important not only to give back, but to be a resource of information to EMPOWER those within the communities we serve. In the Real Estate business we can’t always anticipate the needs of the families and friends we’ll come across, so being prepared is crucial. More often than not, these needs directly or indirectly involve their future real estate endeavors. Via quarterly Empower Tours, the NextHome Discovery family of Realtors have been preparing to be providers of not just a wealth of knowledge about the ever-changing trends in the real estate industry, but the very resources available in our community that keep us bonded and pushing forward. There’s nothing like being part of the back-bone of the city you call home. At NextHome Discovery, we’re glad to call Tampa home.



In the past we’ve toured organizations such as Shriners Hospital, A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay, Gracepoint Wellness, Crisis Center, Children’s Home Network, MacDonald Training Center, and E.C.H.O. and we don’t see it slowing down in the future. If you or a loved one know of a non-profit organization in the local Tampa area that serves the community in a significant way, we’d love to hear about it. Frankly, there are never too many resources to discover, especially if there is a need to be addressed.

Interested in helping or finding out more about NHD Empower Tours? We don’t blame you. Join us on our next tour!

Change starts today… and it starts with YOU.


For more information on joining us on our next tour, we encourage you to keep in contact! Our events are always published on Facebook and Instagram and we’d love to see you empowered by some of the non-profits we’ve been privileged to learn about here in the  Tampa Bay area.